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Episode 2 delay

Posted by abootgames on January 29, 2006

There will be a slight delay in the release of Episode 2. Audacity had a technical problem at the end of recording. The episode will be ready later this week.  

The WEMAS celebration of winter een mas is drawing to a close. The competition has a range of skilled and neophyte gamers. It was drawn out over 8 games.
2.Katamari Demacy
3.Mario Tennis
4.Soul Caliber 3
5.Mortal Kombat 2
7.Point Blank
8.Gouls and Ghost

Winners wer in the solo and team catagories.

The games were short but the entire tournament took several hours to complete. The games were chosen so that being an expert in one category did not guarantee victory, a more over all good gamer would emerge.

The taunts were thrown around.
“You git beat by the …” insert various word here.
“That was cheap”
“You suck “
All the stuff of good down home fun gaming.

Most of these games I had stopped playing ages ago, and re-playing them again reminded me why I moved on to bigger and better titles. There are a few stand out’s in the group. Katamari was and is a great addictive title. Soul Caliber 3 is one of the best fighting games currently on the market. Plus who could argue the greatness of Tetris.


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Show Notes

Posted by abootgames on January 27, 2006

Aboot Games Podcast Episode 1

What we are playing –

Grand theft auto: Libery city stories. A great grand theft auto experience.

Beyond Good and Evil. Great platforming title that got lost in the shuffle.

Soul Caliber 3. A tight remix of the previous offering in the franchise

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – A great multiplayer game for the Game cube and GBA.

The news of the week:

The revolution is “unofficially” released some screen shots and launch titles can be found at www.classicgamer.com/revolution.htm

New Sega Genesis Game ” Beggar Prince” to be released in Spring 2006. http://www.beggarprince.com/

Golden eye source. http://www.goldeneyesource.com/

Top Ten Sales:

1. FIFA 06- EA Sports
2. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 – Konami
3. Need for Speed: Most Wanted – EA Games
4. Gran Turismo 4 – Sony Computer Entertainment
5. Star Wars EP III: Revenge of the Sith – LucasArts
6. FIFA Street – EA Sports
7. Star Wars: Battlefront II – LucasArts
8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Rockstar
9. King Kong: Official Game of the Movie – Ubisoft
10. The Sims 2 – EA Games

Classics gaming Moment. First time we played Super Mario Bros. on the NES.

Wemas 2006 a celebration of http://www.wintereenmas.com/.

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T minus 4 days!

Posted by abootgames on January 25, 2006

Aboot games episode 1 is record and I have begun the post production. The first raw edit is complete. The intro and closing music will be added next. Also I must record another ending segment with the contact info. I am thinking about changing the layout of the site a little bit keeping the main url for a moment and moving the podcast to a subdirectory like show. Making the podcast found at abootgames.com/show

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The Upcoming Launch

Posted by abootgames on January 13, 2006

We are drawing ever closer to the release of a new video game based show. Aboot Games will not change the face of gaming. But it will entertain those who are addicted to video games as much as we are.

  Episode 1 will be released on or before January 27, 2006. This episode we will discuss some gaming news, our expectation of the newly born gaming year, a look back at the NES classis Super Mario Bros. and it’s creator Shigeru Myamoto.

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