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Episode 2 delay

Posted by abootgames on January 29, 2006

There will be a slight delay in the release of Episode 2. Audacity had a technical problem at the end of recording. The episode will be ready later this week.  

The WEMAS celebration of winter een mas is drawing to a close. The competition has a range of skilled and neophyte gamers. It was drawn out over 8 games.
2.Katamari Demacy
3.Mario Tennis
4.Soul Caliber 3
5.Mortal Kombat 2
7.Point Blank
8.Gouls and Ghost

Winners wer in the solo and team catagories.

The games were short but the entire tournament took several hours to complete. The games were chosen so that being an expert in one category did not guarantee victory, a more over all good gamer would emerge.

The taunts were thrown around.
“You git beat by the …” insert various word here.
“That was cheap”
“You suck “
All the stuff of good down home fun gaming.

Most of these games I had stopped playing ages ago, and re-playing them again reminded me why I moved on to bigger and better titles. There are a few stand out’s in the group. Katamari was and is a great addictive title. Soul Caliber 3 is one of the best fighting games currently on the market. Plus who could argue the greatness of Tetris.


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