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Episode 11

Posted by abootgames on April 3, 2006

Hey Gamers, sorry that this weeks is a little late. I have a new schedule at work that gets me out of bed before sunrise. This means I need to find more time on Sunday's to get the show together. But better late then never, eh!

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One Minute Reviews:

Kingdom of Paradise– Sword fighting action RPG for the PSP. The battles do jus boil down to button mashing but it works for this game. The sword fight is done by collecting "moves" that you then use scrolls with combos on them in a fill in the blanks collection. It all works well in this game.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire -Good multiplayer game where players can play all three of the main characters. Presentation, gameplay, and control are similar to the LOTR:ROTK only more Harry Potter. The difficulty is a bit toned down for the kids but overall a very good game.

Eternal Champions : challenge from the darkside – sega cd title – fighting game- I pulled out a classic system. This game has Environment kills, insta kills, personal kills (fatalities), great characters (chicken, owl, monkey, snake, us senator, cave man). Released 1994 after the original

Kingdom Hearts II – Great game so far. Does a good job of incorporate the previous game. There are a bunch of flashback type scenes that refer to the previous 2 games (PS2 and GBA). The graphics are slightly improved, music is just as compelling. the story is ultimatly where it's at.









Faces of War – A WWII RTS / 3RD person shooter???? – Ubisoft

Heroes of Might and Magic V – Ubisoft

World War II Combat: Road to Berlin – Another WWII fps. Please stop already.

Great Journey – Mr. Penguin's Letter –

Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday – A stand alone expansion pack. Board game look.

Nancy Drew: Double Dare 3 – this is third 3rd game in the series.

SWAT 4 Gold Edition – This is fairly quick after the last expansion.

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 –

Xpand Rally –


EyeToy: Chat – hopefully some type of test for a ps3 device.

Garfield: Saving Arleene

Hummer Badlands –

MotoGP 4

Tourist Trophy – A Motorcycle racer from the makers of Grand Turismo – a steering system where you dont control the bike but you control the rider driving the bike.?

NBA Ballers: Phenom – a sequel


Bust a Move Deluxe – another bust a move game.

NBA Ballers: Rebound – A PSP version


Lego Star Wars (Platinum Hits) – buy this already

Xbox 360



It is over but it something gamers should look at. The Independat Game Festival. There is a lot of good games here. Winners are announced at the GDC ( Game Developers Conference). The top five ineach catagory are all good games that are worth a look.

Planetside free for a year, Shadowbane is now free as well. Sony and Ubi drop monthly fees for their MMO's.

Microsoft makes some good moves to grow online community. My xbox gets a make-over to include control of friends list, demo's of big games hit the live arcade on the free xbox live week end. That is a whole lot for sony to try and match.

Ubisoft buy the rights to Far Cry and it's engine. Huge week for mentioning Ubi.


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