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Episode 12

Posted by abootgames on April 9, 2006

Back For Another week.

Direct Download Link

One Minute Reviews:

Far Cry Instincts Evolution – A great looking super coloful FPS that plays just like dozens of others. THe "evolved" attacks are a satisfing way to end an enemies

King of Fighters: Maximum Impact – Nice 3D version of the 2D games. Not as full featured as any of the other 3D titles out there, but a damn sight better than the #d versions of their 2D competitors, SFII. Plays like a 2D game with side steps. Action is faced pacede and you'll be able to use thae same characters you know and love without having to learn to many new moves.

Syphon Filter : Omega strain. This game is just like the PS1 offerings. If this game was launched a few years ago it would have been awsome but the years strippe the polish right off this one.
Dave Mirra's Pro BMX 2 – Not a bad sequel to the game that originally came out for the PS1 and Dreamcast. All the ususal modes make an appearance, think THPS3 with BMX bikes. Landing animations are cool. Only real big comment, the intro is gigantic and doesn't focus much on the actual riding???

New releases:


– Nuthin


– Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue – un not sure but some sort of side scroller


– Yoot Saito's Odama – pinball


– Battle of Europe – Air combat sim

– Disciples II: Rise of the Elves (Gold) – New race, 3 expansions and wallpaper for one low price

– Emergency 3 – Emergency Services RTS?

– Baseball Mogul 2007 – A baseball management game.
– Condemned: Criminal Origins – point and click adventure,


– AMF Xtreme Bowling – extreme BOWLING??

– Monster Rancher EVO – the 5th game in the monster rancher series.

– Real World Golf – for the gametrak controller – the controller seems ok

– Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked – i dont know

– Tomb Raider: Legend –




– AMF Xtreme Bowling – extreme BOWLING??

Xbox 360

– Tomb Raider: Legend –


A law that would ban the sale of violent video games to minors has been over turned. Not that this was a totally horrible law but over turning it it a victory for video games. Restricting the sale for any reason is bad.

Mario Bros stamps to be released in Japan-

Sony slips the price of PS3 to be 499 – 599 euros meaning $615 – 736 us. Which would make it the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market at launch. Mirroring the launch of PS2/dvd player.

A topless mod for elder scrolls oblivion has surfaced – worth mentioning??

Capcom is being investigate for fraud in eligidly failing to report over 5 billion yen. The plenalty could be 1.2 billion yen ($10 million US)


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