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Episode 15

Posted by abootgames on May 1, 2006

This week the news picks up as we draw ever closer to E3. The new releases slow to a trickle but a couple qulity titles are coming out.
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Mini Reviews: Remove the timed aspect but aim to keep it short.

XIII – A First Person Shooter done with cell shaded graphic. The visuals are a nice touch and gives a good feel that you are playing a comic book. The aliteration of the sounds is cool seeing "tap ..tap .. tap" as enemies walk, also add to the feel. If you are lucky enough to get a great shot you are treated to a 3 panel replay of the shot. No online for this game serverly limits the replay ability. An awsome but short game that is woth the price you can find it for.

SW: Empire at War Demo – Another SW RTS that has some cool features. It combines the RTS elements of Galatic Battlegrounds with SW Rebellion and older game that let you manage the galaxy and get in some real time space battles. The actual RTS element is handled pretty well. The ground batles are pretty standard, you've got your troops and structures and they've got theirs. In space the battle is significantly better than in Rebellion. It let's you control all manner of ships and the tactics made popular by the movies and more importantly the novels seem to work pretty well. There is also a realy cool movie feature that lets you watch the action as if you were watching a movie battle. It focuses on one part of the battle at a time and really just makes the action look really cool overall. If you're an RTS fan buy this game. If you're a huge SW fan take a look too, if not either of these it's a pass. There isn't anything new enough to draw you into either of these topics if you're not already there.

Me and My Katamari – PSP very of a very simple and very strange game. Roll up object to make a big ball with in a certain time frame. The PSP version breaks each stage into several smaller stages. At aboot the half way point of each stage a second section opens up and a load time, not long but a little annoying. This game is just s addictive as any others. The sound track is weird Japanese pop music that stick in your head. The King of all cosmos is very mean to the litttle prince in this game.

SW: Bounty Hunter – Nice to see a game that focuses on another part of the SW universe.  3rd person game, 1st person controls.  Not the best game I've evr played, but not to bad.


DS / GBA / Gamecube

– Nuthin


Guild Wars: Factions

– Guild Wars: Factions (Collector's Edition) – Expansion to guild wars –

– Resident Evil 4 – PC version

SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars – my video card is screeming in pain now. 3 players online little wired

Jaws Unleashed – same as consoles from a few weeks back

Playboy the Mansion: Private Party – expansion to the sim "mens magazine"

Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge – An RTS set in the western era, with the ability to switch to 3rd person for duels / shoot outs.

Seed – An upcoming Sci-fi MMO with 3d comic graphics. looks interesting. This will have a 14 day free trial and a 2 for 1 rate for the first couple months.

Gallop Racer 2006 – horse racing sim


Guilty Gear Judgment – A guilty gear game for the psp / more 2d fighting action


– DMZ North Korea
XBOX 360

– nuthin


Sony PS 3 is going to use sostware emulation for backward compatibiltiy meaning that not all games will work. http://www.joystiq.com/2006/04/24/playstation-3-not-100-backwards-compatible/

More info on the PS3 just days before E3. Pricing $399us – older games will run in HD – will include a 60 gig hard drive – no regional codeing – as reported by PSM magazine http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/10795/New-PlayStation-3-Details-Emerge/

DDO (Dungeon and Dragons Online) is offering a free 7 day trial. http://trial.ddo.com/

Microsoft is considering buying the in game advertising company Massive for $200 – $400 million. http://gamecube.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3149988

Xbox live is to get MAME and Sega games. http://www.pro-g.co.uk/news/21-04-2006-2625.html


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