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Episode 17 – E3 Thoughts

Posted by abootgames on May 22, 2006

Happy Victoria Day everyone

We made it back after our week off. E3 is over and everything is returning to normal. The "BIG 3" made some big announcements that we discuss in the news section this week. All the games shown had the "next gen" look to them, but at E3 they have to look great.

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Mini Reviews

Rampage: Total Destruction – A few shows ago we talked about this game coming out and I said that it looked like there wasn't anything new and that I wished that the series would just go away. After saying something like that I couldn't help but pick it up for this week's show when I saw it for rent at my local. Here goes… The premise of this game is that you and friend (2 players only…1 less than the original arcade title) can destroy city scapes as 1 of a number of over the top stereo-typical monsters. Alone or with your friend you destroy buildings, eat people, throw cars, and generally cause mayhem to the level your on. They've included the other 2 games in the series so you can play any of the 3 major versions with just 1 disc; of course they're all the same except for very small differences so why would you just play through the newest one? They've added some depth to the levels so the monsters can walk into the background to get at other buildings and edible passerbys. You can still only walk about 3 buildings into the background though and levels, although bigger than previous versions of the game, are really tiny. They have managed to get rid of loading between levels, but would have really been nice would have been to actually make a new game and give the player a whole city (ala: GTA or Spiderman 2) to run amok in. This would have allowed for a fully imersive game and some different game play instead of always just smashing thing!!! Graphically they've decided to go the way of the last game in the series, 1997s Rampage: World Tour, in a word cartoony. If anything they've gone beyond the previous game and made a game that has the feel of the claymation games that were ppular in the mid 90s. Overall not a fun game. My wife sat down to play it with me and was board within 10 minutes. It just goes to show you. Just because a game was great 20 years ago in the arcade doesn't mean it'll make a good remake. Especially if the gameplay, which in those days was all aboot high scores and quarter sucking, hasn't changed at all.

R-Type Final – This will be the last game of the r-type franchise, the went out on top with a great game that no fan will want to miss. This version does an amazing job of putting a third dimension to a 2d game. All the classic weapons ( With the red, blue and yellow power ups) are present to go along with a new fleet of ships at your disposal. The frustration level of this game is well above safe levels, if you get as tempted as I do to throw a controller, you might want to stay away.

Mario Party: 7 – Fot those of you who have never played one of these games, you know any of the 6 previous ones, on N64 or GC they're board games on crack with a mario twist.  Pretty much every turn everybody rolls the dice, moves their spaces deals with what ever boon or penalty come from their new space (things like playing mini games, getting coins, and getting hit by other players traps).  At the end of every turn the players all participate in a minigame for coins, which can be used to buy the afore mentioned traps and other things.  The ultimate goal of each game is collect more stars and other things than your opponents and the game comes with a variety of different game boards that each have a different way of collecting these.  Now to the differences…  Number 7 is pretty much the same as 6 and 5.  Again we see the incorporation of the microphone accesory.  The only real change that I noticed was that the gameboards look a lot less structured now, favouring more natural environments to base themselves on.  Good game, great with a bunch or friends.  Rent if you're having a party.  Buy it if you hold a lot of parties.  Nobody will be unhappy.

Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast – Well just keeping in with the games that we said shoud die I grabbed this "gem". This arcade racer is sure to disappoint. I am not entirely certain but the devolpersw seemed to have ignored most of the advances in racing games since the original Outrun. You drive a never ending road with twistes and turns passing cars all the way. You to have "missions" to accomplish along the trek – pass cars and win races. The heart attack mode is back from outrun 2 – your girlfriend gives you little tasks, hit cars; dont crash; drift; pass cars to gain her affection. There are higher stages of girlfriends but I couldn't be bothered to finish the first one. Much like Rampage this game gets real boring after a few minutes.

New Releases – Xmen: The official a couple days ago.

GBA – nuthin


Miss Spider: Harvest Time Hop and Fly – so cute it has to be a kids game.

Game Cube

Teen Titans – Action platformer – based on cartoon


The Da Vinci Code – with content from the movie but based on the book.

Roque Trooper – 3rd person action game,


Roque Trooper – 3rd person action game,

Teen Titans – Action platformer – based on cartoon

Steambot Chronicles – ACtion game with big walking mechs and katamari controls –


Field Commander – PSP version of this greaqt series

Lemmings – yup lemming on the go

Monster Hunter Freedom – yup monster hunter for the PSP. I have been looking forward to this game for a while now.


Roque Trooper – 3rd person action game,

The Da Vinci Code – with content from the movie but based on the book.

XBox 360

Table Tennis – from Rockstar Games – looks amazing but I still ask "Wha"

Atari to drop prizes on games for all systems and PC to 19.99. The only exception being – Dungeons and Dragons : Stormreach.


  • Controller looks very familiar, and holds true if it ain't broke dont fix it.
  • Also implementing some of the Wii aspects
  • Price poin for ps3 500 for 20gig (no wireless ) 600 for 60gig
  • Gran Toursimo did look freaking sweet.
  • Further Eyetoy support
  • E-distrobution through the hub for ps1 games for my PSP that is gonna rock (if the price is right)
  • Micro payments and online in game stores
  • Using the psp as a mini portable dis play freaky sweet
  • MADDEN 07 – not dropping the Name for ESPN
  • The controller has some of the Wii characteristics
  • The launch numbers looks like the PS3 will be a very hard item to get


  • HD-DVD add on throught the USB port
  • holy crap Pac man in high def
  • Indepentant developer are gonna shop there wares on Xbox live Arcade
  • Fable 2
  • Vista is built to play games


  • It's all aboot the Wii. I think this system is the next best thing.
  • Low price tag
  • Always on network connection to download updates during dormant cycles.
  • Less loading time
  • That great Wii controller that we now know has a speaker built in for a new dimension in sound as well as
  • Aiming for non-gamers and "lost" gamers
  • No Japanese Translation for Wii
  • Old Hits being thrown back out for yet another system
  • A big push on the DS / DS lite
  • what happened to Game Boy ( not one mention in the media show)

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