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Episode 19

Posted by abootgames on June 5, 2006

Wow, the weeks seem to be getting shorter. I post a new episode and begin prep for the next week on the same day. I have heard "time flies when you are having fun", that has to be why everything seems to be blurring by,

Anyway this week is another light week for releases but a good week for news,

Hope you enjoy it.

Direct download link.

Mini Reviews:

Seed – MMO – I have mentioned this gane a few times now. This is a SCI-FI MMO. The game looks great. Most MMO's really hold your hand for the first few levels to make sure you know the basics. This game has a couple boxes of text that make up a tutorial. It took me far longer then nessasry to figure out the basic controls. Just talking to an NPC took me over an hour to figure out. You take on the roll of a repair person on board some sort of futuristic community. This game does have everything going for it. Free download – 14 trial – The option to sign up for your first 2 months for the prce of one has past though.

The Matrix: Path of Neo – Fun game brought to you by the people that gave us Enter the Matrix. Before I go any further I should mention the fact that I really liked Enter the Matrix so if you didn't this review may be a little different for you. This game runs aon a sismilar engine as the last game, but now you play as Neo. You play through all 3 movies however you don't always have to do the same thing as Neo. The combat system is a little deeper than Enter the Matrix although strangely not as satisfying for some reason. The main draw here however is the story. If you're a Matrix fan you will enjoy this game for that alone. At many of the key elements of the Neo story you can choose to do it differently than the movie.  A great example of this is the part early in the first movie when Neo is captured in his office by the agents.  I don't know about you, but I always wished he hadn't wimped out.  In this game you don't have to.

Death JR. – PSP 3d platformer. Decent game for the system (soon to be released for the DS) where you play as The Grime Reapers little boy on a mission to release the souls of your friends. For a quick description think mario with guns. Not a lot of variety to the levels, and only a handful of boss battles. The weapons are upgradeable and range from pistols, shotguns flamethrowers and Hamsters with C4 strapped on their back. The camera does get a little wonky at times but is easily reset with a tap of the shoulder button. It would not be hard to beat this game in one sitting on a single charge of the battery. All in all not a bad game but could have been much better.

God of War – This game has been reviewed to death, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.  Truth be told I wasn't as blown away as everybody else.  Don't get me wrong…this is a fun game with a lot of polish and a variety of gameplay options.  The story is compelling enough to drive the story and the combat system is satisfying yet challenging…Now that I've exausted what the usualy adjectives about this game I just kept thinking that this was POP in another time frame, with the gymnastics vs. combat emphasys reversed.  That made me think that this was just another reworking of TR.  I know that this is harsh and that these are fantastic games to be compared to; hell there are no better in this genre.  It just seemed somewhat old.  I wanted something new…oh yeah and better camera angles during the gymnastic sections.  Overall it's undeniably a good game.  If you're looking for a fix of 3rd person beat em' up you can't do much better, but if you're looking for something truly new I didn't see it here.  Even the sex scene was covered by hot coffee.

Email from Steve so looking at The GP2X is a portable Linux based gaming system – open source gaming there a novell idea. Sd card storage up to 4gig, uses 2 AA batteries, which I can see good points and bad points with – good non-proprietary batteries – rechargables? – cost increasing over time –
This system has enough power to run movies, play games, play music. This sounds like another system out there that I have been known to comment on. A system ripe with potential I would not mind checking this one out.


**Cars – game based on movie is scheduled for release but I coud find no info – all systems

DS – nothin

GBA – nothin

Game Cube – nothin


Empire Earth 2 Platinum – same game re-repackaged

Battleground Europe: World War II Online – was originally released 2003 – online MMO with a persistant world – you can fight WWII forever – oh boy

PS2 – nothin


Gradius Collection – Gradius I, II, III, IV and Gradius Gaiden – 2d sidescrolling shooter

Xbox – nothin

Xbox 360 nothin

Analyst: MS to Launch Handheld Console in 2007/2008 – Microsoft "will likely leverage xbox franchise with handheld"

The WCG (world cyber games) US Championship will be underway and almost over by the time of the podcast. Winners will compete in italy in october at the WCG.

June is Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month – the goal is to raise awarness for the MPAA, RIAA, and ESRB rating systems.

Video Games as political tools!? – First Venezual raise it's fur over mercenaries 2 because it take place in there country, they suspect the us military to follow the games lead and invade. Now Iran is developong a game about nuclear arms build up.

Pro- Video Games tournaments in the MLG ( Major Leage Gaming ) tour will be televised. In 7 one hour shows this fall

Rumours of the Phantoms demise may have been greatly exagerated. Infinium Labs says development of the system is ongoing and a name change is also in the works. Production will begin in September and launch in October right in time to battle the Wii and PS3. Great Idea!


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