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Episode 23

Posted by abootgames on July 3, 2006

Well first let me apologize about the lateness of the posting of the show. It is a long holiday week end here in the “Great White North” so I took advantage. The contest winner is announced on the show and we need to hear from the winner before we send out the game.

Aboot Games will be at the Dork Army D-Day event on July 08 at the Gladstone hotel. More info can be found here.

New Voicemail line – 206 222 2668 – 206 22 ABOOT

Direct Download Link

Mini Review:

Wild Arms 4 – RPG with a mediocre story. The game is a little slow to develop, it was an hour in before I saw the opening sequence. The battles take place on a hex system made of 7 Hexagons. There is nothing special to the battle system, all the element have been seen before in other games. There is voice acting in the cut scens only, and the dialouge gets comic book feel to it, as the images slide in and out with each line. If you need to kill time before the release of FF12 or 13 this will fill the void.

The Lost Vikings (GBA)– I mentioned this a few weeks ago in relation to exit for the PSP and I thought well heck I should play this for the show. So here goes… This is an old school side scrollin’ actiony puzzle game. You play as 3 vikings who are lost in a variety of lands. Each of the vikings has unique abilities (the tough guy with the shield can block just about everything and glide if he puts the sheild above his head, the quick guy can ran quickly and jump, and the tough guy has a sword and arrows. You play as all three and try to get to the end of each level by switching back and forth to utilise al of their pecial abilities. It’s can be really challenging and actually quite fun for a bunch of people to try to play together.

Auto Assault – Car Battling MMO – After playing with the video settings for a couple hours I finally got a decent frame rate. This game is like a Twisted Metal MMO. The quests are same as any other MMO – fetch quests – destruction quests. I did get to play Twisted Metal Black online and that game was all the best parts of this one. There really isn’t a lot of people playing which does take away from the total experience.

Book Review

High Score: 2nd Edition – This is a great book for anybody who enjoys video games, history, and for older gamers nastalgia… Ok so that’s everybody. This book chronicles video games from their early days to almost present, it goes to Xbox, in an interesting fashion that is really interesting. You’ll get to see all the details about the ealry games and game companies, you’ll read about the many faces of Atari, the beginnings of EA, and a whole whack of other stuff. Overall it’s a great book for anybody who wants to know the background of the best past time goin’. My only complaint, not enough time spent on games of the 90s and 2000s. I guess we’ll see how revolutionary they were in the next decade.


DS, GBA, Game Cube –


PC –

Roma Victor – NON – fantasy MMORPG – no monthly fee and an interesting fee model –

Terrawars: New York Invasion – acton game, doesn’t look bad but not great either –

For Liberty! – turn based 18th century strategy game – board game look –

PS2 –




Xbox –


Xbox 360 –

The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II – Same as the PC version


Socom III has some new maps well sorta. The 3 extra maps for Socom 2 are back with some added options. You can download them for free until July 12 then they will cost 6 bucks if youare gonna keep em.

Ubisoft has a drop in profits (only 11.9 million Euros/14.9 us) even though sales increased 3%. They seem to be the only ditributor putting out a lot of titles. http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/feature/?id=13091

The deadline are approaching for the 2007 IGF (Independant Game Festival). The deadline for the main competition is Sept. 8, 2006 followed by the IGF Mod competition deadline on Oct. 13, 2006 with the the Student Showcase deadline coming last on November 10, 2006. http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/news/?id=13092

PS1 Emulation on PSP to be available by the end of the year with 7000 available titles. Including Tomb Raider, Castlevania: SOTN, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Silent Hill.


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