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Episode 25 – Quarter Century!!

Posted by abootgames on July 10, 2006

This week we are on location at the Gladstone hotel in Toronto.

We covered the D-Day event hosted by the Dork Army , We competed in the Free for all, mass killing tournament and played REALLY bad. Those who listened to Episode 24 already knew that.

This week is a little bit short but we did put out 2 shows. The releases are light…again. Next week will have a decent number of new games.

Direct Download Link

Mini Reviews –

Teen Titans (GC) – Not bad 4 player game based on the popular cartoon. Let’s start with the fact that although I am not a huge fanboy of the show, but when it’s on I watch and really enjoy it. Ok so here’s the skinny… Really pretty presentation. It looks as good as the cartoon. You’re completly imerssed in the experience from the music to the load screens the whole game screams Teen Titans. Visually it’s a might cartoony, which is good, the sound is great the theme song is on the money and the characters quips are witty and not too repetetive. Unfortunatly the gameplay doesn’t live up to the rest of the game. It follows the X-Men legends formula of having the whole team on screeen at any given time (5 in this case becuase it’s the teen titans) and of course you can switch between them using the d pad. There are 2 major problems with the gameplay. 1) All the characters play more or less the same. It’s kind of like playing SF and being asked to chosse between Ken or Ryu. Ok we all know Ken is better but if you had to you could play Ryu and not notice that much of a difference. There just isn’t enough incentive to play one character vs. another. 2) You have no camera control and there are a tonne of bright colourful things happening on screen at any given time. It’s just too hard to keep track of yourself enough to engage in meaningful gameplay. Luckily it isn’t too hard so a bit of button mashing combined with some combo mashing and your pretty much good to go. To sum up, great button mashing fun with a few friends, but it’s no X-Men Legends.

Twisted Metal: Head on – Every sony system needs a Twisted Metal game at or near launch, this was the PSP’s version. The the carnage is here with the same story line from all the previous, Condemned souls fight for the right to have a wish granted. The old adage “be careful what you wish for” almost always pops in as the wish turns out wrong and the winner dies. Action is fast paced and easy to follow even with all the explosions going on around you. Mini game hidden in each level will unlock new characters, and full online support did help extend the life of this game, which has sadly past.
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (GC) – Another Mario themed sports game. Unlike the others though this game isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In it’s one of the older Mario based sorts titles; although it is a sequel-ish to an N64 title with the same theme. The problem is that the game neither screams Mario by making all of the character vastly different (they do have slightly different abilities and their balls look different when hit…don’t everybodys?) nor does it scream golf. The interface all power slash accuracy bar based so you press a button to get the bar started and then again to indicate power and once more to indicate accuracy. It is at once harder and less intuitive than it’s competition in the golf game genre. My opinion…go out and buy Tiger Woods and put some mario music on it’ll be more imersive in both respects.

God of War – A game that was reviewed by Bryan previously. But I wanted to chime in since I was able to buy this game for 20 bucks. I will be giving my This game rocks for 20 bucks review. I enjoyed playing as an anti hero, one early boss battle you kill the innocent bystanders to regain health, in that it is very evident that you are only looking out for yourself. This game brings very little in advancements to the genre, the mini game kill sequnces are nice but get old. At one point I felt that this was just Prince of Persia with a new skin. Very similar to Bryan’s review, only I will add if you have the chance to buy this game for 20 like I did… Buy it.
Releases: Large number of releases next week.

DS –

Freedom Wings – Airplane combat game for the DS –

GBA / Game Cube – nothin

PC –

Prey – very pretty FPS – Xbox 360 to follow –

Prey – Collector’s Edition

PS2 –




Xbox –


Xbox 360 –

Chromehounds – squad based mech action game –

Prey – very pretty FPS – Xbox 360 to follow –
Prey – Collector’s Edition


Sony borrows 80 Billion Yen ( 698 Million Dollars). First loan in 10 years. This one is for development diversification. Click Here for Article

Wii could launch as early as September – CNN Money – Click here for story

Will we see a Microsoft portable by this christmas. Some reports say yes. Bloomberg article

No price drop comin the 360 way.


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