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Episode 27 – Video number 1!

Posted by abootgames on July 24, 2006

This week we make the jump to video, which should be along in a day or two. This is how we are starting our second half a year by giving our listeners a chance to see the games we praise or hate.

Video’s may not come every week but at least once a month.

To those who dont want to watch, or simply cant stomach our mugs, the audio version will not stop.

Direct Download Link

our first video podcast

Mini Reviews

Metal Slug 3 – (xbox) 2D Side scrolling action game – Like R-type final from a few episodes ago this game is dated. This style of game is definatley a dying one. THis game is crazy hard, one hit and your are dead. The stages are really a memory test, the enemies appear in the same place everytime. WIth only 5 levels and a few unlockables this game does of some replay factors but not enough to keep goin for long. A good bargin bin find though

Rogue Solider (ps2) – 3rd Person shooter game. YOu play as “Rogue” a genetic super soldier batteling for Nu-earth. You are part of a super army that gets elimnated making you an army of one. The action never really gets overwelming and is broken up by a ton of short cut scenes/ instructional moments. Ther are some minor stealth elements but not very many. This game brings a couple new elements you can place your main weapon as a sentry gun then circle around the enemy and interactive equipment. Through a series of accidents you closest friends are killed and there “soul” ships are installed in different equipment, one in your gun another in your back pack and a third in your helmet. Not a great game but not terrible either. This title is mediocre at best.

New Releases

DS – nothin

GBA – Game Cube

The Ant Bully – another movie game – 3D platformer –

PC –

Civilization IV: Warlords – expansion for CIV 4 – more units / world wondes / like any other expansion

The Ant Bully – another movie game – 3D platformer –

Total War: Eras – Collector Edition will follow – RTS – another in the TOTAL WAR series –

Earache Extreme Metal Racing – Generic Racing title –

World Racing 2 – A mediocre racing title at best

PS2 –

The Ant Bully – another movie game – 3D platformer

Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville- mud oval sprint car racing

World Racing 2 – A mediocre racing title at best

Earache Extreme Metal Racing – Generic Racing title


Tekken: Dark Resurrection – tekken makes an appearence on the PSP – 30 characters

Wipeout Pure (Greatest Hits) – with multiple downloads – great buy

Xbox –

World Racing 2 – A mediocre racing title at best

Xyanide – shooter game –

Xbox 360 –

Cloning Clyde – live arcade


Overclocking the DS is now possible – with a little minor surgury, drill a couple holes and some soldering you can spped up games so they are completely uncontrolable. Story Link!

After a sales increase a new report shows that youth violence is at an all time low. Story Link!

The PS3 has gone into production in Taiwan.

Atari will price Test Drive unlimited at $39.99. Bold move or genious? They are hoping that players will want to download new cars for a price. Story Link.

Playing video games for charity. Play for a cause. MSN will donate $1 to the YWCA for every MSN game badge earned playing the featured game.

Undergroud Boutny Hunter by Cash Only Productions is a FMV game – where you basically choose the next video to watch. THis game cost $25 per attempt to finish, the first person to complete the game will win $100 000. Story Here!.


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