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Episode 38

Posted by abootgames on October 30, 2006

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Coming From a Hotel in Philidelphia, PA
Review of Expo

Microsoft Keynote

XNA Development tools – Beta currently available through msdn.com/xna

Taking video game development and putting it in the hands of the gamers. The tools are a great way to create your own games on the console directly. The current beta tools are for non-commercial games. A production company would be needed to push the game for purchase on XBLA.

Using direct connection of a windows PC to an Xbox 360 allows real time access to the code for incremental updates.

Torque Game development tools –

The goal is to build community interaction for distrobution and development of games and game idea’s. Using them to drive the content and not just accepting the content that is available.

Games Journalism Round Table – Tommy Talirico – Editor from Tips and tricks – old fart.
The problem they see with current state of game journaism is that very few “blog” reviewers have a true voice and simply slam everyone that comes across. There is no actual journalism.

All Games Radio Trivia – 3 contestants in a modified jeopardy game – not a brain strainer on any level.

Halo Tournament.
New Releases

DS –

Tom and Jerry Tales –

Camp Lazlo: Leaky Lake Games –

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends –

Tom and Jerry Tales –

Game Cube –

Need for Speed CarbonPC –

1701 A.D. –

Star Chamber Special Edition –

The Secret Files: Tunguska –

Need for Speed Carbon and Collector Edition

PS2 –

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII (Collector’s Edition)

Need for Speed Carbon and Collector Edition


Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil

Killzone: Liberation

Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City

Lumines II

Xbox –

Lawnmower Racing Mania 2007

Need for Speed Carbon

Xbox 360 –

Need for Speed Carbon and Collector EditionNews

World of Warcraft expansion delayed until January 2007 – The extra time should reduce the bugs.

Lik-Sang closes door – lawsuit out of out of market sales prompts impoter to close down.


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