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Episode 44!

Posted by abootgames on December 19, 2006

Only one week to go till Christmas.

Direct Download Link!


Nintendojo – wii strap stress test.

NHL 2K7 – 360

  • Pretty game in HD
  • Smooth fluid passing shooting system
  • Not one of the broken games that is way to easy to score on
  • Sounds are pretty good
  • Tonnes of extra features from advanced controls to party games

Nacho Libre (DS) –

  • Fun little game that follows the story of the movie
  • Has several short clips from the movie
  • Lots of mini games (range from easy to insane)
  • A good wrestling game
  • little too easy though

Just Cause – 360

  • Cool take on a free roaming (sandbox) game
  • Other than the the arcady parachute and action modes on cars not alot of inovation
  • I have to say despite the beauty graphics, nifty sound, and badass weapons it just isn’t exciting enough to hold my attention.
  • Vehicles don’t handle very well
  • World is pretty but not very interesting.
  • If you’re looking for this type of game on the 360 go ahead. If not avoid it.

Retro Gaming Moment

Golden Axe – Wii

  • Plays really well on the Wii Remote (no extra controller required)
  • True to it’s origins, you can play easy or regular difficulty.
  • No extra bells and whistles, grab a buddy and play this game!
  • 800 Wii points (kinda pricy)

Download of the week

Maple Story – PC

  • Cutsy, Free, 2D MMO
  • Not bad, kills some time

Small Arms – 360 (XLA)

  • Awesome 2D fighter in the ilk of Smash brothers
  • a wack load of unlockable characters
  • Cool levels and training
  • Nifty weapons with interesting alternate fire modes.

New Releases – Slow week/ Holiday season

DS –


Game Cube –


Wii –

Space Harrier II –

PC –

Paws & Claws Pet School-

Sam & Max Episode 2: Situation: Comedy

PS2 –


PS3 –




Xbox –


Xbox 360 –


News –

PS3 has past the XBOX 360 in sales, even with limited numbers. ( In Japan )

PS3 will be pushed back again in Europe, looks like September 2007.

Dragon Quest IX – will be DS title.


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