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Episode 46

Posted by abootgames on January 8, 2007

Happy New Year. All the best to all our listeners / viewers for the coming year.

I am starting this year out by putting the show up on time, and I hope to keep this going from now on.

This week is a little light but next week will be a fully packed episode as we draw closer to Aboot Games’ 1st birthday.

Direct Download link!

ReviewsPreview* – Rogue Galaxy –

  • RPG –
  • Cell shaded graphic giving the familliar cartoony feel
  • Real time battles with unique controls
  • Teammembers “Special” moves have to be activate.
  • I saw one button press move similar to the legend of dragoon
  • Demo had limited game play
  • One boss battle – very epic – did require a lot of items and things

Gears of War: Collector’s Edition

  • This is truly the best war based game I have ever played.
  • The collector’s edition includes the game, a behind the scens disk (which isn’t spectacular), a free XBlive accout for 48 days (this may come with the regular game), a cool hardcover book with images and text about the game, and a really nice, but big, tin box.
  • All told the game is what makes this package shine!
  • Thr graphis are immersive and dark. They’re so good you don’t notice them outside of cutscenes, you’re to immersed.
  • The sound is super spooky. Same as above, you don’t hear VO or music. It all just blends into the experience.
  • The game play is what it should be. This is a war game.
  • Your heart beats, you’re looking around scared, you’re cowering behind objects, and then you’re running and gunning to protect your team.
  • I’m playing it through in co-op mode because that’s my favourite type of gameplay. This game delivers!
  • The AI is smart enough to take advantage of you if you aren’t smart. Jumping out into the open is not a good idea!
  • You truly get the feling that 4 men against an army is NOT a good idea!
  • The only drawback I’ve found is that the game doesn’t handle mulitple save games so if you want to go back and show this game to another friend you’ll save at that spot.
  • Buy this game!

Tony Hawk: Project 8 – XB360

  • Best Tony Hawk Game since the original. Slightly better than THUG.

Retro Gaming Moment
Download of the week
New Releases –

DS –

Arthur and the Invisibles – Atari – Based on movie – 2d platformer

PC –

Arthur and the Invisibles – Atari – Based on movie – 2d platformer

Heart of Empire: Rome – sim ancient Rome?!?!

PS2 –

Arthur and the Invisibles – Atari – Based on movie – 2d platformer

PS3 –




Xbox 360 –

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – Sci-Fi shooter –

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Collector’s Edition)

News –

HD-DVD the next betamax? – [we] don’t want to charge customers $200 extra for something that may be the next Betamax. – from the horses (microsoft’s) mouth

Golden Eye Source – as gone into Beta – if you have the nerve to be a bug hunter the link is in the notes.

Entertainment for All Expo (or “E for All” Expo) – The expo this october (18 – 20) by gamepro has a name. This event will be open to the public and will cost $100 for the 3 days. Exhibitor will be selling product on the show floor, with the proximity to the holiday this could be a great venue to launch a title. Video Games Live will also be performing at this week end.


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