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Episode 51!

Posted by abootgames on February 27, 2007

Here is this weeks episode.


Worms – Open Warfare (DS)

  • A faithful port of the hugely popular PC game.
  • Good use of the touch screen to select weapons
  • Unfortunatly the DS doesn’t seem to have enough processing power to run it!
  • The AI has a hard time and more than once an opponent did absolutly nothing on their turn.
  • Mor often it’ll take an oponent 30 seconds to take a few steps and then another 15 seconds to decide to shoot.
  • When they finally do shoot however they are pretty acurate.
  • During processing the top screen tends to flicker
  • This game eats batteries too, I guess it’s all the extra processing.
  • If you can live with a bit of screen flicker and more frequent recharging the heart of the Worms game is here and with 4 player wifi play you could have a great deal of fun… but not likely
  • Stick to the PC version

Dot Hack GU Rebirth
Wii Play

  • Another collection of mini gmaes
  • Arguabley these games are more mini than those on Wii Sports, but there are 9 of them instead of 5 and the game comes with an extra Wii Reomte for the price of a regular game.
  • The games have the same addictive look and feel as Wii sports and include
    • a duck hunt kinda game
    • pool
    • a wheres waldo kinda thing
    • air hockey
    • ping pong
    • cow racing
    • tank combat
    • fishng
    • symbol matching game.
  • All the games are fun in 1 or 2 player mode… sorry there is no 4 player action here.
  • They challenge you to use the Wii-mote in different ways and really help you improve your Wii-ing skills.
  • Of notable mention are billiards that use the sensors proximity detector to have you simulate a pool stroke and ping pong which is pong on crack and by far the best of these mini games.
  • If you would pay money for Wi Sports buy it. If not you may want to rent it. One way or the other you must play the ping pong to let the evolution of the video game come full circle.

Retro –
Download –

New Releases –

DS –

Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja –

Trioncube –

Wii –

Sonic and the Secret Rings –

SSX Blur –

PC –

American Billiards –

American Conquest Anthology –

Knights of the Temple II –

War Front: Turning Point –

Jade Empire: Special Edition –
PS2 –

Arena Football: Road to Glory -We needed another arena football game?!?
PS3 –

Virtua Fighter 5 –

Formula One Championship Edition –

M.A.C.H. Modified Air Combat Heroes –

Heroes Over The Pacific –

300: March to Glory –

Chili Con Carnage – previously a PS2 title –

Gish –

Marvel Trading Card Game –
Xbox 360 –

Crackdown –

NBA Street Homecourt –

Bullet Witch –

Dance Dance Revolution Universe –


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