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Episode 53!

Posted by abootgames on March 13, 2007

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Reviews –

GT Pro Series – Wii

  • Surprisingly good racing game
  • The Wii-mote is held with the D-Pad facing you and you use it like a steering whell. In fact if you buy this game it comes with a plastic steering wheel you can snap your Wii-mote into. Either way it controls the same
  • The game is cell shaded so the look is take it or leave it.
  • The sound is decen’t but not fantastic, the remote doesn’t do much.
  • Gameplay very similar to a Gran Turismo or the like. You race the NPCs to unlock new tracks and upgrades.
  • The real story here is the controls which is fantastic. I completly expected it to suck and I was greatly surprised that from the get go it controlled like a car.
  • Don’t be confused, this game does not control like Excite Truck; which is loose and spongy in my opinion. This game controls like a car, you can power slide recover, and the whole bit.
  • Multiplayer includes 2-4 player split screen.
  • If your looking for a racing game on the Wii I suggest this title.

Flyff – Fly For Fun – Free mmo – Website here!

  • cartoony anime style – if kindom hearts was an MMO this would be it.
  • tutorial drag out way too long
  • I have played better MMO’s but this is worth the download.
  • Well worth the cost.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion – Wii

Trauma Center: Under the Knife – DS

  • A surgery sim

Retro –

Download –

New Releases –

DS –
Wiffle Ball Advance – Ummm wiffle ball??

Spectrobes – Action RPG /pokemon/monster rancher kinda mash up – anime style – good use of touch screen and microphone – the powr up cards look unique

Disney’s Herbie Rescue Rally – second Disney Game this week – racing game – meh

Custom Robo Arena – yet another robot battle game

Wii –

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 – The premiere golf game makes it’s wii debut

PC –

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 – Flight sim with classic fighter planes from UBI soft

Making History: The Calm and the Storm – a table top looking game “The fate of that nation is entirely in your hands as the world melts into chaos and global conflict. With behavioral models of over 70 countries Making History is a totally new approach to strategy games, where brain cells are as important as bullets.” HUH???

Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific – taking WWII wher it has rarely gone before – UNDERWATER – submarine combat game

PS2 –

God of War II – surely to be the ultimate platformer

PS3 –

F.E.A.R. – FPS that was released to the PC previously – We review the free multiplayer game for the PC.


Call of Duty: Roads to Victory – Another call of duty game – with unique levels and guns – how many times can that be said – and still no online componant

Xbox 360 –

Worms – XBLA

News –

Mobile Gaming focus at day one of GDC.

New DREAMCAST game!!!!

Sony announces Home.

LEGO MMO. Lego has teamed with Net Devil for the creation of a Lego MMO game. http://www.netdevil.com/press/release.php?id=207


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